Monday, March 28, 2011

I took a camping trip to Valley Of Fire, just north of Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife Diana, brother Derek, and sister-in-law Brittany. The weather was much better that Salt Lake City, Utah, but it was not as warm as I had hoped. The cooler temps left no chance at road cruising. The high on Friday was about 68 degrees, and the low was about 48 degrees. So there was not much when it came to reptiles, but I did manage to see about 8 Chuckwallas, and the obligatory Side-Blotched Lizards, as well as some beautiful landscapes and sunsets. Here is a play by play of the capture of the first Chuckwalla.

There is not much to say in way of captions, so here are a couple more photos taken of the above Chuckwalla

And one parting Landscape shot.


  1. wish the little "capturing" pics were bigger... but cool pics! I especially like the one of the churckwalla looking right AT the camera! COOL!

  2. MUCH better, I like being able to "watch" you catch the little critter!

  3. Sweet post...I like the play by play. And good close-ups!