Thursday, April 28, 2011

South Florida

Devin and I took a few days to herp South Florida, and here is a conglomeration of what we found. A small corn snake began the trip. Cane toads sat on lawns on warm, humid nights.

A fiesty ribbon snake. One of the most common snakes of the trip.

A 5-foot corn snake standing its ground.

A nice-sized gator sunning itself away from water.

Still catching some afternoon rays...

We've bothered him, and he's decided to seek refuge in the brush.

In an area of spring peepers and green treefrogs, we also snapped a photo of this squirrel treefrog.

Southern leopard frog out in the open.

Under the duckweed in this pond were some little gators and a couple pig frogs.

Cricket frogs were also out in force.

We managed to cut off a large gopher tortoise from retreating to its burrow. You can almost see our reflection in his eye.

Cottonmouth showing us his dental work.

A nicely patterned juvenile cottonmouth looking for some warm asphalt.

Ringneck snake.

An extremely large eastern garter snake cruising through the grass.

A Cuban treefrog contemplating his next move.

A wood slave (Hemidactylus mabouia) found on a tree at night in Everglades N.P.

Several green anoles were found sheltered in crevices at night on a boardwalk.

I've never had a frog climb up out from under the hood of my car while driving. A green squirrel treefrog it seems.

A little alligator that wanted to get its photo taken.

I have the feeling we're being watched...

Five-lined skink.

A sickly little gecko.

Eastern narrow-mouthed frog.

Some South Florida habitat.

Brown anole.

A big ol' Eastern diamondback rattlesnake!

Black racer making sure I don't get any closer.

Striped mud turtle hesitant to peek out for a camera shoot.

A couple of Florida cooters feeding on grasses.

Not a herp, but an interesting bird called an anhinga.

Brown water snake.

Yellow ratsnake.

Mud snake in a defensive posture.

An odd toothless American crocodile.

A tropical house gecko.

We loved our mud snake!

A huge centipede creeping across the road.

Scarlet snake

Close up of the scarlet snake.

Crested anole.

Spiny-tailed iguana on his perch.

Brown basilisk.

Juvenile spiny-tailed iguana caught in a tree.

Bark anole.

Bark anoles have pretty camouflage.

A jungle runner chilling at a distance on Key Biscayne.

Some boring red-eared sliders. A black iguana was sitting nearby also but didn't wait around.

A knight anole about to scoot up a tree.

Gecko found flipping boards.

A dark five-lined skink.

Fowler's toad.

Eastern glass lizard

Glossy crayfish snake

Southern toad

Small juvenile American alligator

Island glass lizard
Small Eastern diamondback rattlesnake.
Mama and child.
Eastern diamondback letting us know who's boss.

The sun setting through the trees.