Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diana and I went on a "walk about" this morning in the Santa Catalina mountains. We decided to walk down a wash where Jeff and I had previously seen a Gila monster. It was productive for us once so thought we would try it again, and sure enough it didnt let me down. Right as we decended the hillside to enter the wash I spotted this Blacktail rattlesnake. I had never caught this species so it was an exciting find.
This is the same animal.
And one more time, me holding the Blacktail.

We continued down the wash for about another half hour we I spotted this medium sized Gila Monster. It was about 11 inches in total length.

This is the same lizard.

And to close, a picture of Diana and I, and a beautiful sunset with the Santa Catalina mountains in the backround.