Sunday, June 10, 2012

Salamander Update

Remember when I was in Oregon in April and caught that salamander larvae that I couldn't identify? Yes, it was the naughty one that ate the three tiny tadpoles that were transported in the water bottle with it. Fluffy was her name.
Well, Fluffy is loving life, and she has since metamorphosed into a beautiful and healthy adult salamander. I wondered if she was a newt larvae, but as it turns out, that little larvae that I caught at Champoeg State Park was in reality a Western Long-toed Salamander. Here she is below on my hand.
 She enjoys eating crickets and worms and spending time with Jasmine and Jonathan, two Ensatinas that she shares her home with. She also likes sitting in that "pond" under the stick and poking her head up to breathe.
One of the Oregon Ensatinas patrolling the enclosure. They also love their crickets. That's all....just an update.

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