Friday, May 1, 2009

Derek, Brittany, Diana, and I went to the Sonoran Desert Museum last week. I love that place it is a fun place to go, and it is more a zoo than a museum. It is basically a zoo of animals native to the Sonoran desert. Here is a picture of Diana and I at the museum, pretty view.
Derek, Brittany, Me, Diana

Spiny tailed Iguanas were released on the grounds awhile back, and now there is a steady population of these lizards roaming the area. This was a BIG adult.

This was a juvenile Spiny tailed Iguana that I caught.
This was a larger Spiny tail, that Derek and I caught.

Same individual, (Jeff, notice it lost and re-grew the end of its tail. Could this be the one that you tried to catch the year before but only walked away with part of the tail???? LOL Well sorry you werent there but I was successful this time around. HAHAHA)

Another close up of the same one. We saw about four different Iguanas and we caught two.
Now Jeff you are going to be really jealous with these next pictures. Last week I talked Derek and Diana into going herping with me for a few hours. We went and walked down a wash (the same one where I saw the Gila Monster, and the Black tail Rattlesnake the week before) and after walking for awhile and not see much I came to a shaded area with a large tree growing out of the side of the wash against a bank. I looked over a dead tree and just on the other side I spotted this dinner plate sized Desert Tortoise. I was way excited. I had seen a juvenile Desert Tortoise before but this was the first adult. His shell was about 12 inches long, He was massive. Awesome find. I wish I had a better camera so I could get better pictures.
I took plenty of pictures, here are a few.


  1. Wow, Devin, you are really finding some treasures! That Tortoise is awesome! That 1st Iguana is the same kind of animal as the ones below it??? Wow... it looks so different! AND way paler than the one you used to have as a pet!

  2. Hahaha....that is so funny about finding that spiny tailed iguana with the regrown tail..haha. I laughed when I saw the picture! It's got to be the same one. I mean, it's not easy for those guys to lose tails, and it's about the right size, too. (And the right place on the tail where it broke off). Ha! And dang, that desert tortoise is awesome! Nice success, dude! You'll have to tell me more later. By the way, I have some posts on their way as soon as I get my internet solidified here.